Introducing NXBoost Ecosystem

NXBPay is a decentralized financial platform, based on NXBoost blockchain – a universal, multi-purpose assets transfer solution, with instant and secure transactions – a bridge between the projects which are engaged with NXBoost Group of companies. The main purpose of NXBPay is to create the heavy connection between all parts of NXBoost EcoSystem – to provide stable and secure assets transfer service, and appropriate financial instruments to be used by independent companies and start-ups, which will decide to become a part of NXBoost Group. One of these projects, Crypto Traveller (code name NXB Car), was developed by independent company, but is using NXBPay platform as a financial solution. Another independent project – BITStorage Finance, also has NXBPay services integrated in it. All companies and start-ups which will decide to become a part of NXBoost Group, will get the full support – to connect their projects with our financial platform, we will also participate in their marketing campaigns. And BITStorage Finance will support our backend and integration with third-party services. We are working on NXBPay to become an international cryptocurrency gateway, our aim is to provide the easiest and most comfortable ways of buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies, including crypto-to-fiat conversion in both directions. Every project, which will decide to become a part of NXBoost EcoSystem, will collect a huge benefits from this cooperation. We are starting in Europe, but in the future we are aiming to spread our services worldwide.

Technical Data

Coin Name: NXBoost

Coin Ticker: NXB

PoW Algorithm: Quark

Premine: 35 000 000 to exchange the old coins with new coins, and 10 cloud masternode.

PoW Blocks: 2 - 475200

PoS Blocks: Starting from 475201

Block Time: 60 Seconds

PoW Max Coin Output/Supply:

PoW ending: In ~ ca. 330 Days

Masternode requirements: 1 000 000 NXB

Maturity: 111 Confirmations

Buy/Sell NXB Coin